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Scuba Diving Blog

The 3 Stages Of Scuba Diving Certification



Scuba diving is without a doubt an exciting water sport and to be eligible to understand it, you should be at least 10 to 12 years old. You should also have basic physical level of fitness to be able to enjoy this activity. If taken on full time, this course can be completed within 3 to 5 days. If someone is doing it on part-time basis only, he or she may complete the course on schedule that is convenient to him or her.


Basic scuba diving certification course from Scuba Diving Lessons NJ is actually an open water diving course that is taught by certification agency. In this course, it is training students to learn various scuba diving techniques, which will allow you become an independent diver. Basic stages consist in the course include:


Stage 1. Grasping the Theory of Diving


As soon as you enroll for diving, you'll be given with DVDs and literature to thoroughly understand diving. You may study either on your own or on a classroom. Online Scuba Diving NJ courses are available as well. There are many institutes that are providing e-learning material to interested students. The study material contains info regarding basic diving techniques, diving safety, effects of diving on the body, choosing diving equipment as well as its maintenance and so forth. Once the course is completed, a test will be carried out. You'll only be able to get on the next stage after passing it.


Stage 2. Training in Confined Waters


Once you have understood the concept of diving, you're now ready to be trained in confined waters similar to a calm beach or a swimming pool. The first stage of underwater training is done in shallow waters to which you can stand underwater. When the training is done, you'll gain confidence to stay underwater gradually. Then, you can start venturing to deeper confined waters and once you're totally comfortable underwater, that is when you'll be ready for stage 3.


Stage 3. Open Water Diving


All preparation culminates in achieving the primary goal of scuba diving in open waters. Diving in open water is often done in oceans or big seas. Initially, the open water diving is carried out by going down with your diving instructors. After few sessions, the person will be prepared for independent scuba diving.


Some of the training institutes are offering facility of referral training. This is actually when you can finish the theory as well as confined water training stages right at your home and be flexible to complete open water stage at any of your preferred location.